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Cross Docking

Cross-docking is a way to better control your supply chain management by minimizing, if not skipping, traditional storage functionality. By altering the traditional flow of merchandise through the warehouses, companies can now operate more efficiently by leveraging cross-docking opportunities to reduce the inventory buffers at the warehouses.

What is cross docking?
Cross-docking basically is receiving the merchandise at the inbound docks and then shipping it out almost immediately without the need to stock it in a warehouse. With a well planned and executed process, it saves resources across the board including warehouse labour, space, and equipment usage.

Fast and Efficient Cross-Dock Operations

You can depend on Steve Cagle Trucking for all of your cross-dock operations. By focusing on speed and efficiency, we can help you to reduce the amount of time inventory sits in the warehouse. This can help you to increase merchandise velocity and decrease inventory carrying costs.

Call us today to find out how Steve Cagle Trucking can help you with all of your cross-docking trucking needs.

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